Pumpkin Pancakes

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you would know that pancakes are kind of my thing. The first recipe I ever shared is for my fluffy buttermilk pancakes with blackberry sauce because pancakes are probably my favorite thing in the world to make.

To truly get into the fall spirit, I decided to update that classic recipe and make warm, cinnamony, pumpkin pancakes. These are so perfect to make on a weekend morning, or even for dinner because let’s be real pancakes are a 24-hour food.

This particular pumpkin pancake recipe is so easy and yummy, and I took it up an extra notch by adding homemade whipped cream and topping with a few crushed walnuts. Homemade whipped cream is totally unnecessary because you could totally buy the canned version, but I’m a food blogger because I love being extra with my food. So I bought heavy cream and whipped it up with a hand mixer just to say that I did it myself.

Flashback to the days when I didn’t have a hand mixer and whipped all of my cream by hand. *Shivers*

Anyway, these pancakes are awesome and I hope you get to try them! I’m sure everyone would love you if you made them for Thanksgiving breakfast šŸ™‚

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