Mini Funfetti Cookies

It’s kinda impossible to have a bad day when you have mini funfetti cookies in your hand. Go ahead, try it. Without these cookies, life would be so much more blah.

I must say these cookies are not only yummy, but also cute as heck. Sprinkles are like a baker’s glitter. The more the merrier!

I adapted this recipe from a tried and true Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I’ve made a few times from Yammie’s Noshery. This recipe is the same, however I substituted sprinkles in for the chocolate chips and it totally works. Whenever I have a party to go to I always bake these cookies, and they’re always a total hit.

I hope you get to make these cookies sometime soon, if not to brighten your day but to brighten someone else’s! I’m sure you know someone who would love to have these mini funfetti cookies in their life.

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