Funfetti Birthday Cake Macarons

I’m at this phase in my life right now where I am completely obsessed with making macarons. Ever since I “perfected” macarons after five long months of repeated testing (and lots and lots of failures), now that I know how to consistently turn out a good batch I can’t stop making them. And that’s not a problem at all, right?

In a recent post, I shared my top tips for making foolproof macarons as well as a recipe for double chocolate macarons, and that was the recipe I repeatedly tested for months. Now, I’m ready to try new recipes, flavors, combinations, and techniques, which is where these funfetti birthday cake macarons come in.

Is it someone’s birthday? No, but do I need a reason to make birthday cake macarons.

Double no.

Anyway, these macarons are not only great to look at, but they are also super yummy. I was worried when the recipe called for mixing the sprinkles into the macaron batter before piping, because my past experience has proven that overmixing macaron batter by even one stroke can ruin a batch of macarons. It only took two tries to get this recipe right (the first time I didn’t read it correctly and mixed the sprinkles into the egg whites *facepalm*) but once I put in a fresh pair of contact lenses they turned out just right.

I won’t kid myself though – although I am super proud of how far I’ve come with my macarons I know they aren’t 100% perfect. My shells are a little lumpy and uneven, due mostly to the fact that I don’t have a macaron tracing mat so I’m eyeballing how big to pipe them everytime. Plus (and this super sucks) my mechanical whisk broke a few weeks ago so I only have my beaters to use to whip the egg whites, which is not ideal but not a disaster either, I’ve learned. You can totally make the meringue without a whisk, but it does take a bit more effort.

Ok, I’ve rambled enough: here’s the recipe for these awesome birthday cake macarons! Let me know if you make these, I know they will be a regular macaron recipe around these parts 🙂

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