Dutch Baby Pancake

The Dutch Baby, also called a German Pancake for people who don’t like babies, is one of those recipes that is so simple to make that you could whip it up while hungover and wearing an eyepatch.

If for whatever reason you do decide to recreate that scenario and manage to make a Dutch Baby then please DM me a few pics.

I love this recipe so much because it really is that easy, and it falls in that special class of recipes that is both simple and beautiful. It’s hard to make a Dutch Baby look like a mess. Go ahead and try, and then DM me those pictures too.

The only real requirements for a successful Dutch Baby, in my opinion, are that the finished product must be topped with fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and honey. This will really take a bland, but beautiful, pancake up a notch so that when you slide your cast iron skillet around the breakfast table you’ll hear that melodic chorus of “ooh ahh” that you totally deserve.

Good luck making this Dutch Baby, not that you need it. It’s wicked simple, and you can master it on your first try. And you likely you already have all of these ingredients in your kitchen, so why not try it for breakfast tomorrow?

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