Buttery Milk Bread

I dare you to find a comfort food that tops freshly baked bread. It’s impossible for two reasons: bread is life, bread is everything. This milk bread recipe is all of the above, and then some.

I’m embarrassed to say that even as a hardcore baker, I’ve never baked bread before. It always seemed too daunting, like too much work, like too much could go wrong. I also have a historically bad track record with yeast in general, so I was nervous to make this milk bread but I’m so glad I did!

This bread is buttery, mildly sweet, and fluffy as a cumulus cloud. I’ve never been a huge fan of storebought, pre-sliced bread, and this recipe is another reason to never pick it up from the grocery store again.

I think the reason why this bread turned out so well for me is because I’ve finally mastered the art of activating yeast and making dough rise. Yeast has to rise in a WARM environment – a room temperature kitchen likely won’t do (especially in the fall). What I’ve found works best is preheating my oven to a low temperature, about 200 degrees, then turning off the oven and leaving the door slightly ajar to let it cool down just a bit. After a few minutes the oven is nice and warm and not too hot – the perfect temperature for yeast to party and do its thing.

Another reason why homemade bread rocks is the SCENT it creates while baking. My mouth was watering while I waited for this bread to come out the oven, it smelled like heaven. I would happily bake up a few of these during the holidays just to keep that smell wafting throughout the house.

I so hope you try this bread recipe! It’s easier than you think 🙂

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