Apple Cider Donuts

Can it always be apple cider season? Yes? Ok.

I knew I made the right decision to move to L.A. when I found out that people here take donuts seriously. New York is famous for their bagels, while L.A. has got the market covered when it comes to donuts. I live just a mile from a famous 24-hour donut spot that makes these adorable panda donuts, and while my first donut attempt isn’t as cute as those I don’t think they turned out half bad 🙂

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making homemade donuts forever, and I’m so glad I finally tried it. I will say, these donuts were a tad bit more labor intensive than I first thought, but I love labor intensive Pinterest-worthy recipes. I get such delight from conquering them, so my readers out there who are looking for an easy go-to dessert may want to skip this one. But if you’re like me and like to be challenged in the kitchen, try out this apple cider donut recipe. It’s worth it!

My main pain point with this recipe is the dough – it’s quite sticky and even though it requires freezing in order to harden up, the dough reaches room temperature after just a few minutes, and at that point any attempt to pick it up makes it completely fall apart. So I had to freeze my dough repeatedly in order to work with it. That being said, these apple cider donuts are so fluffy and indulgent I would gladly go through this process again (and next time add more flour than the recipe calls for)!

But what can I say – how can anyone ever get frustrated with a dessert that ends up covered in cinnamon sugar? Impossible. It’s hard to beat a warm, apple cider donut on a cold fall day. All is forgiven.

Do you have any recipes that you love to make despite their intensity? Would love to hear what it is, so perhaps I could try and make it myself one day when I’m up for the challenge!

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